We are an ambitious team providing high quality pro-bono consulting services to third sector organisations.

What our clients say

“The team will be a credit to any organisation they work with in the future.”
“Incredibly professional, helpful, efficient and produced a great plan for us to take forward.”
My Life My Choice
“We were blown away by the team and they fulfilled our brief perfectly”
Dandelion Time
“We are delighted with the recommendations and look forward to implementing them.”
“It was an absolute pleasure working with the team. We can not praise them high enough.”
Sport in Mind

Our Consulting Expertise

A selection of our extensive range of services are listed below. 

Recruitment Strategy

We develop an actionable plan to improve your recruitment process, maximising your engagement with target talent.

Feasibility Testing

We examine the framework for your service or product to assess the likelihood of success.

Fundraising Strategy

We create a long-term, sustainable fundraising strategy that aligns with your organisation’s action plan and milestones.

Operational Model

We reinvent your current operating model to win in the digital world; capturing the full value of the product/service you offer to deliver a great customer experience

Marketing Strategy

We develop an impactful high-level approach to optimise each step of your customer engagement.

Digital Transformation

We  audit your current digital offerings and create a plan of action for the movement of services and products to the digital space.

What our consultants say

"Working with likeminded peers and doing socially impactful work"

Summer 2020 cycle

"The entire organisation is filled with motivated individuals and I think that's an experience I wouldn't gain elsewhere."

Summer 2020 cycle

“The world felt like a better place because every day you knew there were so many good, young people out there trying to do good.”

Summer 2020 cycle

“Learning about consulting at such a professional level”

Summer 2020 cycle

“How realistic the project has been - it felt like we were actual consultants, working in a team with the client.”

Summer 2020 cycle

Diversity and Inclusion

D&I is vital for creating a respectful, enjoyable and innovative environment. A snapshot of our D&I report, published Summer 2020, can be found below.


of respondents at OneConsulting were BAME.


the number of different universities that our respondents were attending.


of our respondents felt that their performance as a role was evaluated fairly.