We are a pro-bono consultancy providing services to third sector organisations, SMEs and start-ups.

About Us

We recognise that the current pandemic has been a significant challenge for third sector organisations and students alike. Through our six-week pro-bono consultancy projects, we provide students with meaningful and impactful consulting experience, whilst aiding charities and social enterprises in their goal to continue driving positive change.  

Our Mission and Values

To help our clients continue to drive positive impact and to build an organisation that develops, energises and empowers exceptional people to create a better future.


Embrace and celebrate diverse perspectives

One Team

Collaborate with eachother and our clients

Test, Fail and Iterate

Fail fast, and learn from our experiences

Lasting Impact

Supporting our clients in driving long-term positive change.


Thing big, do big


Be proactive and drive your ideas forward

Our leadership team

Ife Awotunbo
Head of Consulting
Mollie Mountford
Head of Marketing
Ailsa Featherstone
Head of Operations
Ebani Dhawan
Consulting Director
Ryan White
Consulting Director